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All programs of the BP Service Association of Alberta (BPSA-AB) are designed with due consideration for the protection and safety of all participants.  To help ensure this, the BPSA-AB Council screens all adult volunteers for all positions, and conducts reviews of volunteers.
The BPSA-AB Council expects that all adult volunteers will adhere to this policy by:
1. Following the initial steps to become an Adult volunteer, which are:
  • Submitting a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check;
    To become a uniformed leader then requires:
  • Completing the Application for Adult Membership;
  • Providing FOUR personal references; and
  • Having a personal interview.
2. Participating in training opportunities appropriate to their Scouting role;
3. Acting with due consideration for the safety of the other members; and
4. Reporting to the Council any volunteer who poses a risk to youth members.
Failure or refusal to complete the Police Record Check, provide the completed application form, or the required references will make the application unacceptable.

All checks will be handled with privacy and confidentiality.

If you have any questions or concerns in this matter please contact your Group Scoutmaster or District Commissioner.

All adult members will fill their positions on a trial basis for a period of four months.  In this probationary period the new adult volunteer is permitted to work with children only when under close supervision of a Warranted adult member.  During this time the volunteer will remain under the supervision and assessment of the Group Scoutmaster.  Once this probationary period has been successfully completed, the new member may be invested.
As stated above Leaders will be expected to attend training that is suitable to their role in order to increase their skills, meet other Leaders through networking, and share their knowledge.  There is no cost to attend a training event other than the personal time which will need to be expended.
/Wood Beads logo.jpgYou will begin training at a weekend Introduction to Traditional Scouting course.  All section leaders meet together for this course.  Next up is another weekend course called Wood Beads 1 which is divided into an Otter/Timber Wolf and an Explorer/Senior Explorer version.  After this is Wood Beads 2, a full week long, in-camp experience learning about the Explorer/Senior Explorer program.  As your interest and skills develop you may choose to continue the training path and take Wood Beads 3 and 4 (Train-the-Trainer type courses).

/BPSA in Canada logo - transparent.pngThe Alberta BP Service Association provincial council is a proud member of the World/WFIS logo - transparent.png
Federation of Independent Scouts. Please note that the Alberta BPSA provincial council is not affiliated with, nor part of, Scouts Canada or any other WOSM organization.